15 Years of Dedication to Languages and Communication

Over five years in the Philippines and more than a decade of global operations. A strong partnership with more than 1,000 companies. More than USD 10 million in translation projects.

Throughout the years, loving the beauty of the diverse languages of the world, we have proven that languages are not barriers but opportunities.

Company History

Lexcode made its first step in 1999 as LangsTech, an affiliate language research center of a Korean university. It then became a nonprofit organization that handled small translation projects from local government and publishers.

In 2002, its CEO Young Ham, joined LangsTech as co-owner after spending 13 years in the USA where he served in the US Army for six years and earned a master’s degree in Computer Information Management. In the same year, he launched an English résumé service that brought small yet significant profit to the company.

Lexcode’s commercial opening began in the spring of 2004 when Young moved to a bigger town, Cheonan, with Misoon Park, operating director and the company’s right hand, and Sumi Noh, the technical director. The company run by three people grew by over 40% annually through its high customer retention rate.

Only within three years in 2007, the company opened an office in Seoul and called itself Lexcode. When its headquarters was moved there in 2009, it became one of the major players in the language industry. With seven specialized websites, 15 full-time employees, over 500 certified freelancers, and more than 5,000 projects yearly, and up to 2 million dollars’ revenue, Lexcode quickly rose among the Top 3 translation and interpretation agencies in Korea.

Year 2010 opened strongly with Lexcode’s first overseas branch established in the Philippines after Young and his staff visited its beautiful islands for a vacation. He decided to make it another paradise of quality translation services, for English is widely spoken and Filipinos are naturally friendly. Among hundreds of competitive applicants, four excellent and fully-charged individuals were selected as crewmen to sail the Lexcodian ship in the nation. Now, Lexcode Philippines has 20 employees helping maintain the high quality the company is known for.

Known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, this county will surely move forward with its global businesses by writing another chapter of glorious history with Lexcode


Young Ham
CEO / Founder

As an entrepreneur who has ventured in many fields of business in San Francisco, California, since his early 20s, Young has attained the qualities of a consummate businessman through the experience he has accumulated. Despite this, however, his ceaseless pursuit of innovation and willingness to challenge the unknown continues to grow more fervent.

Even today, he strives to bring Lexcode into an entirely different class of localization company through never-before-seen innovations, while simultaneously working in Silicon Valley to create a new paradigm to unite the languages of the world.

Intense focus and deliberation are the components of his business method. Leisure activities, such as exercising, listening to music, or even just enjoying a cup of coffee, are not just what they appear to be—they are used for deep contemplation and refinement of ideas. Although his company was founded in times of financial hardships, he firmly believes that his inclination to think out of the box and to push limits has enabled the realization of his life goals and ambitions.

Since his return to South Korea in 2002, he has founded the company Lexcode, which has sustained a double-digit growth for the past 10 years. Furthermore, his establishment of subsidiaries in China and the Philippines has expanded the company to a true global business.

Misoon Park
H.Q. Branch Director

It can be confidently claimed that clients who have meetings with Ms. Park have met the most talented and competent localization PM in South Korea.

Her role in the company was clear-cut since its foundation. Her efficient management of clients’ projects has continued for over a decade, and her comprehensive administration of the Translation & Interpretation Department of the headquarters as branch director has been outstandingly consistent.

At all times, Branch Director Park stands in the frontlines of all projects that Lexcode takes under its charge. Furthermore, any and all duties she has taken up have led to completion regardless of the circumstances or difficulties. Her far-reaching role in the company also encompasses the need to continuously liaise with clients as well to accurately implement planned company operations.

Leading her team members with delicate charisma during office hours and sometimes enjoying a company dinner alongside them, or taking a stroll while listening to music—these constitute her simple pleasures in life.

Christine T. Ignacio
Philippines Branch Director

As an editor, she was one of four new recruits when Lexcode first made its entry into the Philippines in 2010.

After five years of business, there is a clear reason behind her rise to branch director in the largest interpretation and translation company in the Philippines with over 20 members. That reason is her absolute trust and sacrifice for the company’s vision and goals. The growth of Lexcode Philippines could not have been achieved without her willingness to lead and take on any and all tasks.

A written description of her would lead anyone to believe she is one of the business elite. However, her humbleness and openness to new learning would surprise many when they meet her in person.

In dialogue, her modesty and refreshing humor almost always lead to a pleasant conversation. There is no doubt that soon she will be a globe-trotter traveling all over the world to contribute to Lexcode’s growth and development.


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