Chinese Language Translation

Let our certified translators handle your documents
regardless of length and format.

Language barrier need not be an excuse to communicate clearly and effectively. At Lexcode Inc., we have in-house Chinese translators in the Philippines who can translate documents of any length or format from Chinese to English or vice versa.

Translating Chinese written materials to English, the most widely understood language in the world, will help achieve global recognition for your work. On the other hand, better comprehension is expected from non-English readers and speakers in China when documents are translated from English to Simplified or Traditional Chinese. In short, the main goal is for your material to be understood, be it in your home country or around the world. We at Lexcode can make that happen, with outputs delivered fast, accurate, and certified.

Chinese Language Translation

Chinese Influence in the Philippines

Chinese relations with the Philippines date back several centuries ago, long before the Europeans arrived. This relationship has grown over the years, and continue to do so as more Chinese firms express their intention to invest in the Philippines. And with this incoming investments, translation services will definitely be in high demand.

Strict Translator Screening

We at Lexcode assure our clients that all our translators are native speakers. We start the screening process by reviewing their CV. Thereafter, applicants will undergo a test evaluation and, once they pass, a Skype or in-person interview follows. A freelance job offer is only made for translators who are up to the task of providing high-quality translation Lexcode has always been known for.

At Lexcode, our aim is to unite languages through translation. Indeed, there is beauty in diversity, but understanding between nationalities is always a welcome gift. Call Lexcode now at +63 2-553-3857/61 (tel.) or +63 917-539-2633 (mobile), or e-mail us at [email protected], and be one with the world!

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