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Conduct multilingual functions with ease with our equipment lineup
that is specially built for simultaneous interpretation.

The complete package for conference interpretation

No need to look any further for your logistic requirements for simultaneous interpretation. Organizers can proceed with their event stress-free as our assigned technicians and project manager will ensure the smooth transmission of the interpretation. Interpreter booths and receivers for delegates are also available for rent.


Our simultaneous interpretation devices are designed for the comfort of both the interpreters and the delegates. User-friendly controls and switches are put in place, making sure that interpretation is carried out without delay.

Simultaneous Interpretation Units

Interpreters are provided with a console with which they can easily control the microphone and channel for transmission. A relay function that enables a team of interpreters to listen to another team with a different language pair is also available.

Headsets and Receivers

Our transmissions are available in FM and infrared. Delegates can easily switch channels and control the volume to their comfort level. Simple and handy, the earphones simply need to be plugged in to turn on the receiver.

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Choosing the right kind of booth for interpretation is a must for the convenience of the interpreter and the organizer. Our clients have the freedom to choose the booth they deem most appropriate for their event. For this, we make sure to follow international standards to assure the effective delivery of the interpretation service.

Tabletop Booth

Our tabletop booths are available for events with limited spaces and a small number of delegates. Transporting this type of booth can be done anytime and anywhere as it can easily be assembled. While it is not a closed booth, its walls are made with materials that minimize external sound.

Full Interpreter Booth

Also known as the whisper cube booth, this is perfect for large-scale conferences and conventions. Inside, the interpreter is provided with the optimum acoustic environment to help him or her focus on the message of the speaker.

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