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We support global businesses by hiring competent interpreters
for key meetings and functions.

Professional interpretation is our forte.

Interpreting is needed for various reasons and by different folks, but all for the purpose of proper understanding. Supported by eQQui, Lexcode manages interpretation requests like no other Philippine company in the language market. No need to fear any project—from bilingual travel guides or casual business meetings to high-profile international conferences—we back our promise of quality with two decades of experience.

Partnership with certified interpreters give us the edge in the convenient and successful set up of interpretation events. Call us now! Be confident in choosing the interpretation service that truly suits your needs.

Whether for casual business trips or international meetings, we have the right interpreters for the job.
Choose the type of interpretation you need, and see our competitive rates.

Whisper Interpretation

We provide whisper interpreters on a large scale for international fairs, exhibitions, trade shows, and global conferences. In this setup, the interpreter sits beside the delegate or guest and whispers the messages.

It may sound easy, but it can get as tedious as simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Accuracy and teamwork are required in simultaneous interpreting where a pair of interpreters take turns in listening and speaking. Let us provide you with the perfect pair of simultaneous interpreters who will do the interpretation in real time.

It is critical to hire a trusted company to verify interpreters’ credentials and to serve as technical support when projects are ongoing.

Consecutive/Accompanying Interpretation

Some business meetings and other informal gatherings abroad require not just bilingual skills but familiarity with the local culture. Aside from topic expertise, interpreters must also be street-smart.

Field visits, open forums, and other on-the-go events are best complemented with consecutive interpreters.

Accompanying Interpreter

Note: The rate depends on the interpretation topic, location, and interpreter availability.

Target Language <> Source Language

4 Hours
(Min. Charge)

8 Hours
(Whole Day)

Major Asian Languages <> English PHP 9,000 to PHP 11,000 PHP 18,000 to PHP 20,000
Major European Languages <> English PHP 10,000 to PHP 12,000 PHP 20,000 to PHP 24,000
Other Languages (Rare) <> English PHP 12,000 to PHP 15,000 PHP 24,000 to PHP 28,000

Simultaneous Interpreter

Note: Simultaneous interpretation requires a team of two interpreters.

Target Language <> Source Language

8 Hours
(Min. Charge / Whole Day)

Asian Languages <> English Starts at PHP 100,000 per interpreter
European Languages <> English Starts at PHP 120,000 per interpreter
Other Languages (Rare) <> English *Subject to interpreter’s availability

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