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Lexcode prides itself of having the best roster of translators in the Philippines for one of the most in-demand languages in the country—Nihongo, or the Japanese language.

Why Lexcode?

Aside from Lexcode’s decades and proven quality in the translation field, here are more things to help make up your mind on why you should let Lexcode handle all your Japanese language needs.

JLPT certified

The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT, is a test designed “to measure and certify the Japanese-language proficiency of those whose native language is not Japanese.” At Lexcode, it’s not enough that one’s a native speaker, all translators are required to be JLPT certified as an accurate way to identify their proficiency level.

Tried and tested

Lexcode quality managers carefully sieve the translator applications we receive almost on a daily basis to ensure that only the quality ones move to the next stage: testing. Aside from ensuring that a potential Japanese translator is a JLPT passer, his or her quality will be assessed in the evaluation of the administered test. When the applicant has passed the evaluation, an interview, either in person or via Skype, is scheduled. Only when applicants pass this will they begin receiving projects from the company.

Demand in the Philippines

With Japanese influences, such as Japanese food and media, strongly present in the country, it’s easy to understand why the demand for the language is constantly high. In fact, Nihongo is among the top three foreign languages in the call center industry, together with Mandarin and Spanish. Aside from this, according to Wikipedia, you can also find Japanese communities and schools in Metro Manila, Laguna, Baguio, and Davao, given the increasing number of Japanese companies in the country.

With the strong reach of the Japanese language, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you have to prepare materials that in one way or another would involve the language. When that time comes, Lexcode is ready to help with the best Japanese translators in the Philippines. To know more, contact +63 2-553-3857/61 (tel.) or +63 917-539-2633 (mobile), or e-mail us at [email protected]!.

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