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With years of experience in the localization industry, Lexcode is now venturing into a new territory—academic editing and publication analytics.

Our Process

With communication and attention to detail, Journal Lab aims to increase the success rate of manuscript publication by providing you with services that will help researchers and academics with the preparation for journal submission. From editing, journal selection, systematized peer review, to formatting and submission services, we can help increase your chances of getting published from 1 out of 5, to 1 out of 3.

General Editing

With a focus on grammar and language, this service includes:

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage
  • Consistency
  • Sentence structure
  • Clarity
  • Standard English expression
  • Plagiarism check

Recommended for authors who want a final check of their work before journal submission.

Scholar Editing

As our most intensive research editing service, this checks for accuracy, data presentation, logical flow, writing style, and so on, on top of what general editing has to offer. This service also includes:

  • Journal selection
  • Formatting
  • Manuscript submission

Recommended for authors who want a thorough check of their manuscript and need help in choosing the right journal for their work.

Our editors and team of professionals are ready to help make sure that your manuscript gets published. Send us your manuscript today!

Journal Selection

Getting accepted for publication depends greatly on the appropriateness of the scope and target of a chosen journal. Our “evidence-based recommendation system” goes beyond general indices such as quoted indices, frequency of publication, and analyses of the latest articles.

Peer Review

Using a standardized review template, our team of experts will provide you with thorough and critical reviews so that authors can make the necessary modifications before they are submitted to their chosen journal. We will help make sure your manuscripts are of international quality.


Each journal would have particular formatting instructions, from font size and margins to language style, word count, etc. With our formatting service, we will modify your paper to ensure its adherence to the target journal’s style, double-checking your manuscript to provide you with a perfect submission copy.


We understand the various difficulties one may face when submitting their work—complicated instructions, urgent deadlines, various forms to fill out, and other requirements. With our submission service, we can help you complete this process with minimum stress on your part.

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