Multilingual Support

Lexcode is a one-stop shop for all your multilingual needs.

We go beyond content.

Our services do not stop with translating and editing as we understand the need for translations to be properly applied to all file types. With this, our Desktop Publishing (DTP) Team is equipped with the proper training and tools to help you maximize your content’s effectiveness.

Our artists and talents are ready to help you reach your multilingual market.
Feel free to send your PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other multimedia files, and learn about our competitive rates.


Let your target viewer understand a video presentation, TV commercial, drama, or movie with professionally translated subtitles. Hard subs and soft subs are available.


Create a big impact with your videos or speak to your target audience by making the narration available in their languages. Choose from over a hundred voice-over talents from various parts of the globe.

Formatting / DTP

Our expert DTP team ensures that the layout and translation mesh seamlessly by ensuring the graphics, colors, icons, images, and even fonts are culturally and linguistically dependent.


Save time in transcribing meetings, audiovisual presentations, and any other recorded content. Our professional transcribers for all languages are equipped with tools that help them finish your transcription request with great accuracy and efficiency.


Min. Charge

Additional Charge

Subtitling PHP 4,500 / 15 minutes
(total running time)
PHP 200 / minute
(after 15 minutes)
Transcription PHP 4,500 / 15 minutes
(total running time)
PHP 200 / minute
(after 15 minutes)
Voice-Over (English Language) PHP 9,000 / 1,000 words
Voice-Over (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) PHP 9,000 / 1,000 characters PHP 7,500 / 500 source characters/words
(For other Asian languages)
Voice-Over (European Languages) PHP 9,000 / 1,000 words
Formatting/DTP 30% of total translation cost

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